Wednesday Wishes


// 1. Black leather jacket from Zara // 2. Olive green overall dress from ASOS // 3. Black linen skirt from ASOS // 4. Rosy Mauve bikini from Free People // 5. Paint Water Mug Set // 6. Wooden Forest Story House //

So I am having the kind of day where I spilled my coffee cleaning up my spilled coffee. Where I forgot to pack lunch and ordered a sandwich. Got the sandwich, only to realize I’m wearing red lipstick today, creating an unwelcome challenge in staying tidy and looking like I’ve got my shit together.

Sooo, why not focus on the material, because sometimes tangible objects are easier to relate to, and since I haven’t decided exactly how I feel about Wednesdays yet, it seems like the obvious choice. Just because, complaining about general facts of life lies a little too close to the surface today.

Therefore, focus is on the hunt for the perfect black leather jacket, because mine has been worn to pieces. Focus on the items I feel like I can safely add to my spring wardrobe to upgrade myself slightly and feel like a new person. Also, paint water mugs! Aaaand this perfect little wooden fort that will be one of my first projects when I am finally in a situation with control of a back yard–children or not. I imagine light Norwegian summer nights with blankets, books and wine. Yes?

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