Snowed in

snowday_1 While I should have spent my day attempting to catch up to all my classes, it just became too tempting to take full advantage of the empty day ahead of me. Despite countless attempts at maintaining a healthy every-day food schedule, life seems to get in the way, and finding easy and healthy recipes for two people on the go becomes increasingly difficult. While I blame the fact that I live in the Midwest, and that it is way too easy to eat unhealthy, it is also a lot easier to eat healthy, given the food options I do have available.

Today I took action, with my lunch, at least, and mixed up a variety of the vegetables I had still in the fridge, and served myself a huge comforting winter salad. Sweet potatoes, zucchini, kale and quinoa, topped with avocado, feta, black pepper and balsamic vinegar, and I was good to go! Add a cup of hot rooibos chai to combat the oncoming cold I feel in the back of my throat, and the lazy day has been saved.

Now, back to my Netflix marathon of all the girly movies I don’t get to watch when Jonas is home!

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