post-grad life


It’s been two weeks. I graduated college, celebrated my graduation and now I am living in a strange freelance-type post-graduation bubble. Bills have been paid, plane tickets bought, and finally today I dropped off my passport along with a stack of papers and sent it off in the mail. While I know it’s necessary to receive my visa, this process has been more than stressful.

These days I am developing a new website for local boutique and creative merger, Stella Collective. The job hunt has been delayed until further notice, and until I finish my trek around China with one of my closest childhood friends. In two weeks I fly back to Norway, after ten days at home I jet off to Spain with my family, and after another week or so in Norway I take off for China and Thailand, a journey that will take up a good month of my life.

While restlessness finds its way into my life, I am trying to focus more on all the good I can get done. I have an exciting project in what I am working on with the people over at Stella, and I am finally finishing up a book that is not part of a curriculum. Fiction, I am coming for you.


Also, I finally have time to enjoy life with some of the badass women of Lincoln. Hannah, being one of them, snapped these photos of me as we were out exploring Wilderness Park, enjoying the spring weather. Crossing my fingers it warms up even more and I can further expand on the baby sunburn I started the other day.


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