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This weekend is the first free one I have had in well over a month, which is why it has taken me this long to upload and edit these photos from New York. My mom and I met “halfway” for my birthday, her from Norway and me from Nebraska, to spend a long weekend eating and roaming the streets together.

Literally, other than a quick trip to the Met, a run through the Guggenheim and a couple of freezing minutes at Ground Zero, all we did was explore, eat and spend time together. This has been the first time I haven’t been home for more than six months, and at this point I am already going on eight months since I was in Norway last. Seeing my mom was the best gift I could have gotten, and exactly what I needed in the middle of a stressful time at work and frustration with my situation.

The four days we got to spend in the big apple were absolutely freezing, and we ended up running out of clean clothes because we wore them all on top of each other. Seriously, I wore a dress with tights AND pants on day with two pairs of socks, a sweater and my jacket on top of that. Layers will forever be my life saver.

Still, a weekend passes too quickly and while I carried my camera with me everywhere, the pictures I took barely cover the meals we had and places we went, but it should give a small glimpse into how beautiful our weekend was, despite the cold, snow and delayed flights.

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