be ice cream or be nothing

flaresLast week was a dud. The last couple of weeks, actually. Creativity levels have been at a standstill and there are about half a dozen drafts hanging out behind the scenes with a couple hundred words and no ending.

I’ve been wrapping up a website for Stella Collective between beats at work, but finding less and less time for my personal projects. I haven’t touched my paints in months and the easel J got me for my birthday hasn’t even been taken out of its box. And all this, despite the fact that March has so far been a full-blown spring month, with sunny weather and comfortable temperatures. Last week week I got to spend a day at a dairy farm taking pictures, which was a welcomed break from the regular eight hours I spend at my desk, despite the distinct farm smell I ended up carrying around for the rest of the day.

But then, in a beer-induced trip to the mall (I was not driving, fret not) I found myself searching for the perfect pair of flares to start my spring off on the right leg, and found them? Who would have thought, in the sales section, 50% sales prices, at the Gap, I would find my match for the wholesome price of eight dollars!

Button fly, high waisted, frayed hems, what is there not to love? I opened the door to the dressing room and was met with a “you look short” (long torso problems,) but after some sufficient shirt tucking, we were both convinced that they were the best thing to happen to my less-than-long legs.

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