Be Brave

These last weeks have been a whirlwind of adult, and I am still unsure how to brace myself for the challenges ahead.

Somehow I always come back to this theme. My constant pull between the future and my subconscious Peter Pan syndrome. What to do, where to go, and all the decisions are becoming more and more real every day.

I received my first “real” job offer last week, and while I have been at it, living the 40-hour work week dream, the real commitment is here screaming in my face. My mind is doing the freelance vs. safety dance and I find myself restless for everything I’ve never seen, like always.

This time in my life, in most people’s life, I am beginning to understand, is like this. And I am trying to be at peace with that. Writing lists, taking breaks to doodle at coffee shops and binge-reading OK REAL are all included in my peace plan. If anyone else has any tips on how to survive your early twenties, I’m all ears!


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