Graduation is slowly approaching, and somehow I find myself browsing job listings with kind of a disbelief. My camera is covered by dust and everything that is not volunteer- or school-related does not have a place in my schedule. Not that those actually fit in there as well; in addition to the cold I have accumulated, I have also developed a severe case of senioritis.

I am still fumbling around, trying to find my niche in this creative world, and for some reason always find myself overwhelmed by everyone else and their wonderful work.

I am considering moving, considering staying, considering leaving for India to become a yoga instructor. All in all, I am not ready to make a decision, and the time to make one is coming up at an alarming speed.

Because of this, let me take a minute to dwell on some inspirational images from my Pinterest, and imagine I have my life all sorted out.


Inspirational collage


Anyone else in need of a life refresher? Maybe a vacation?



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  • Pick me!!
    Let’s just disappear to a remote island and forget about the rest of the world, and bachelor projects and what to do after uni and all that stuff!

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