New York November

Can you believe it took me this long to post these photos? Why now? Because midterms are getting close, duh.

A long weekend spent in the big crazy city, with my camera left at home for most of the journey. A long weekend of food, visiting advertising agencies, thrift shopping and trying new things. Sea urchin noodles anyone?

Thank goodness for Airbnb, the Subway, Doc Martens bouncy soles, the fact that coffee is always available and brunch passes as a necessity. Thank you New York for 4AM pizza and bars that serve cheese balls alongside board games. And thank you to the four best “roommates” I could ask for, that agree to explore and taste their way through the city with me, letting me pretend that my schedule wasn’t filled to the brim with serious stuff.

Trips like this make my visualization of the future just a little more vivid, a little more real.


May can’t come fast enough.

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