Mobile, Alabama


Fried food, Norwegian students, Southern hospitality and too much beer makes for a great final week on the board of ANSA USA.

Our annual meeting was held in Mobile, AL, and close to 50 students met up from around the country to elect a new group of board members and spend a weekend together exploring the city. While previous meetings have been held in cities such as Chicago, Washington DC and Seattle, we tried something different by bringing everyone together in a smaller city. Some members flew into New Orleans and found their way along the Mexico Gulf to Mobile, while others drove all the way from New York, Minneapolis and Manhattan, KS. This untraditional location created a new tradition of roadtripping and spending more time bonding than trying to fit in everything the various cities may have been able to offer.

This last year, working with ANSA USA, has been a crazy, stressful, wonderful blast, and I am going to miss all the great people I have been able to work with. This might not be the end of my ANSA career, but for now I am focusing on graduating and finding a job, since my graduate studies applications never happened. Still, I think it’s time for me to take some time and figure out what I want, and some more real life experience doing what I love seems like my best option.

Hopefully more travels and experiences are in the near future, and as I am spending my spring break at home with what seems to be walking pneumonia, this week is being spent planning my summer, applying for jobs and doing all the dishes that have been piling up all semester.








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