Miami from my phone


In a last-second move I ended up booking tickets, taking an unpaid leave and traveling to Florida to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend on their way back to the States from Norway. Seeing that I took no form of Christmas break this year (or last, I should add) I justified the trip and soothed my restlessness and need to plan and travel and plan and travel.

After the sickiest plane ride of my life, I arrived sniffly and stuffed up and miserable in Fort Lauderdale. Somehow I recovered slightly overnight and managed to enjoy the relative warmth and occasional sunshine — a much needed break from Nebraska winter. Of course, with my recurring luck, or lack thereof, I arrived with a full memory card in my camera, and no way to unload the solid 32GB of memories, so I settled with my phone. I will admit, however, that with the unpredictable weather and weight difference from DSLR to iphone, it was a slight relief and probably allowed my to enjoy the moments, by a fraction or so, more.

Lincoln Road mojitos at Yuca after scouring the stores for the cheapest, yet acceptable looking, sunglasses to get me through the days. I swear it is my travel tradition to forget one vital object every time. Last time it was deodorant, this time sunglasses. $8 later and all was well again.

Hampton Inn Miami South Beach. Hotel rooftop snacks and drinks on the coldest day of our stay until the rain chased us inside.IMG_4911IMG_4918

Wind, sister time and moments before my phone died — the repeat offender of this trip.IMG_4933

New day, new beach trip, same wind.IMG_4935IMG_4941

Always and forever obsessed with the pastel buildings along Ocean Drive in Miami.

Hilton Cabana Miami Beach. New hotel, new beach.

Patiently waiting for the sun to appear.IMG_4960


A great beginning to the new year.

Made it back to Lincoln Road for happy hour and $4 margaritas at Hua Huas!


Hotel breakfasts – always. This one was by far the winner, at Hilton Cabana. IMG_4986

Again, the moment before my phone died, venturing from Hampton Inn Brickell to Downtown Miami.


Vacation necessities by the pool. Again, waiting for the sun.IMG_5006


Still the most puzzling moment of the trip. A random flock of chickens by the metro station on our way to the airport.IMG_5009


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