Creating a solution for individuals without a permanent mailing address.


Primary: homeless persons, whether permanent or temporary

Secondary: voluntary nomads, such as RV or houseboat dwellers


Create a viable solution that could ultimately lead to affected individuals taking control over their situation.


Interactive: mobile and desktop accessible app to set up and transfer box locations

In-person: branded cluster boxes with touch-screen accessible kiosk

Buy One Give One

Snailbox’ main mode of funding comes from its secondary audience. By purchasing a subscription, voluntary nomads can fund a homeless individual’s subscription.


A solution for those without a physical mailing address.

Snailbox is a suscription-based service for those who are unable to set up a physical address.

Snailbox Kiosk

Snailbox kiosks will first be placed outside of public libraries, then locations will expand to parks and other public areas. Snailbox utilizes cluster box units (CBUs) with attractive shelters to house its mail boxes. Each CBU contains a centralized lock system that can unlock individual boxes via an LCD touchscreen. A colorful attract screen serves as both an interface and as out-of-home marketing — curious passerbys can find out how Snailbox works by pressing a “?” button.

User Flow


User Flow



Through initial brainstorming, sketching and team scrimmages to narrow the problem and opportunity to a target market, then further down to a specific area of concern.


Through anonymous surveys and in-person interviews, we found that 66% of homeless people had been inconvenienced by not having a physical address.


Experience Designer: Katrine Limseth
Experience Designer: Ruthie Edwards
Experience Designer: Missy Thieman