The Home Depot

How can the experience of shopping for lighting at The Home Depot be improved?


Professional renovators and home nesters.


Increase the overall experience of shopping at The Home Depot, ultimately increasing our costomers’ happiness.


Owned applications, both in-store and digitally, will be enhanced to improve the functionality of the lighting department.

Big Idea

Preserve the essence of The Home Depot for loyal customers, yet improve the return-rate of new ones.

AR Opportunities

Home Depot App Tools

Taking advantage of existing technology.

After reviewing Home Depot’s existing app, we realized its “Tools” options were a powerful complement to the shopping experience, and therefore decided to add on to what was already there.

By implementing existing AR software, consumers have the option to quickly view lighting fixtures in their own homes, before making a purchasing decision.

Tools page in existing Home Depot app.

Front page gives you four options, to search for a specific product, browse the selections of lights, go to your saved photos, or straight to your favorite products.

After selecting a category, the user can scroll through products and choose the one they would like to test.

A live view of the user’s room will allow them to place selected lighting fixtures in AR


Shopping Experience

By using an existing kiosk, found in The Home Depot's appliance section, we expanded upon it to create Lighting Finder, to assist the user in their in-store shopping experience.


By re-organizing the display system, The Home Depot can increase the chance of the average user being able to find what they are looking for unassisted.

Currently, The Home Depot offers a wayfinding system that includes an aisle number in addition to a bay number. This will lead you to the general area of the product on your list, but there might still be dozens of similar-looking boxes in the near vicinity.

Our system continues to use the bay and aisle monikers, but will additionally add a number to each horizontal shelf, starting from the bottom, to make navigating the displays a much simpler task.


Experience Designer: Katrine Limseth
Experience Designer: Nick Tobat
Strategist: Caitlin Russell
Strategist: Anna Kim