Head on

It’s taken me a while, but lately I have been awakening my camera from its sleep, taking advantage of both the spring lighting and the wonderful tripod J got me last year. Add a new remote, which was bought mostly so I can take photos of my sister and I together, on our little roadtrip next week, and test photos were naturally in order!

I’ve been meaning to take some headshots for myself and a couple of my friends to upgrade my profile, but also skills and portfolio. Therefore, after a sweaty bike ride home, in my “toddler” outfit and favorite new lip crayon from Burt’s Bees, I set up the tripod, played with the settings and snapped a couple of self portraits, bad skin and all!

I am hoping to do even more portrait series, so feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in a reasonable deal as I get more comfortable in this role.

Also, is there anything less flattering but more comfortable than overalls?!

Self SelfSelfSelf SelfSelf

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