new season new cravings


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Denim, blues, white sneakers, flared jeans, black on black, mom jeans, crisp shirts, relaxed tops, bare legs and and happy hair.

Yesterday a skirt with tights turned out to be too much clothing. While I am still anxiously waiting for the magnolias to bloom, it does feel like spring. So much that I will finally be able to celebrate the turn of seasons with an outside beer, a much appreciated concept in Norway.

Besides enjoying the general outdoors, I am also enjoying the idea of updating my wardrobe in a more economically and environmentally friendly way this year. By this I mean combining a good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning with a passionate round of thrifting. One of the good things about the Midwest is the abundance of decent vintage finds, and the less expansive crowd of people searching for the same thing. Just last year I found the perfect jeans for cutoffs, a fitted leather pencil skirt and a cropped Levis denim jacket. Yes, yes and yes! This year I am hoping for more mom jeans, preferably straight-legged, medium wash and high waisted. I will also be hunting for some flared jeans that straddle the acceptable line between simple and 70s. Crossing all my fingers and looking forward to a very (hopefully) productive weekend.

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