IMG_3264Can we talk about hemlines for a second? By that I mean I am about to start a rant, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it…

I remember shopping with my mom in my teens and her talking about how hard it was to find clothing she felt “fit” her own age. There was either the teenage- and young adult stores, or the “grandma”-stores. (Her words, not mine.) Somehow I haven’t even reached the middle of my twenties, and I am already faced with the same problem, the main one being the hemline. Somehow, years of dress shopping has left me with a closet of items I can no longer wear, because they look and feel like something a much younger me would wear. And combined with our learn-through-trying laundry attempts, all my favorite pieces have also become just a tad too short for the persona I feel like I have grown into.

This is most relevant this week because I went to get dressed, pulled on this great t-shirt dress I got from GU in China and found that I could no longer go outside and feel like I was adulting adequately, without adding another layer.

I don’t know exactly what I am getting at here, if it is growing up or just making better fashion choices, but either way, bear with me now. This spring might be the time to add some midi skirts and more oversized pieces to my wardrobe. Maybe that’s just the Midwest in me talking and what I really need is to get myself back to Norway for a second and start worrying lessĀ about the possibility of being harassed because my knees are showing.. Welcome to Nebraska…

(Also, apparently this is what purple hair looks like after a week.)

Also, also, photos like this happen when your boyfriend isn’t quite enthusiastic about being the camera man, but you let him stay on the porch so he doesn’t have to go get his shoes or anything..!

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