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What do you do when you start freaking out about adding another year to your age?
Dye your hair pink and throw on your fuzziest coat, obviously!

But seriously, birthdays are always overly dramatic on my part, as I try to not cry every single year, and fail in doing so every time. Getting older, even though I’ve been told repeatedly, “you’re not old!” from everyone but my younger sister, is my least favorite attribute of life.

So, since I am only one week deep in my new trip around the sun, I will take the opportunity to sum up the last year, using Mariell‘s new year’s list, slightly modified to meet my definition of a new and old year. Let this be the best year yet and fig the age-induced anxiety the word “twenty-four” brings with it.

Did you do something in 23 for the first time?
So many things! I graduated college, traveled to Asia and locked down my first full-time job (in my field of study)

Did you go through any major changes?
I went from being a poor student to being a poor semi-employed person to finally becoming a poor full-time employee.

Did any of your friends become parents this year?

What date from 23 will you always remember?
That day in May I graduated, which I already forgot.

What countries did you visit?
Other than the US and Norway: Spain, China (& Hong Kong), Thailand, Sweden and the Czech Republic. It was a good year for traveling, bad year for my wallet.

What was your best purchase?
Plane tickets. Looking back the summer was by far the highlight of my year.
Other than that I did find some great denim overalls at the Gap, ACNE boots for a fraction of the cost in New York and a beautiful emerald green jumpsuit at Anthropologie that I am dying to find the perfect occasion to wear!

What made you really happy?
Again, getting the chance to travel with people I love was more than I could ever have expected.

Did you miss something this year that you want in the upcoming year?
I have wanted to go on a roadtrip within the States, and I am really hoping that I can get something planned for this spring. Preferably down the West Coast with the chance to catch up with friends and visit little nooks of this country I still don’t know exist.

What do you wish you had done more?
I wish I had found even more time to read and that I had taken even more time to work on my own crafts. Keeping up with my coding skills and painting after graduation should have been prioritized more.

What do you wish you had done less?
Procrastinated and spent so much time worrying and demotivating myself.

What were your favorite TV shows?
Jonas and I watched all seasons of Friends together and Mad Men was my late-night sketching time dedication. I still have a couple seasons to go!

Best book you read?
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, I also read Shantaram during the summer, which was all kinds of wonderful.

Biggest professional leap?
After a couple months of working part-time jobs and actively applying for jobs, I accepted an internship with the agency I am currently working for, which eventually turned into a full-time big girl job. And I am definitely still getting used to the 40-hour week schedule.

Biggest personal leap?
I decided to continue living in Lincoln to work and decided not to go on to grad school immediately after finishing my Bachelor’s degree. This last year of my life has really been all about education and career expectations.

Biggest mistake?
Depending on when you ask me, I am still regretting not completing a second degree in Art, while I was at it. Other than that I didn’t mess up too bad.

Were you more or less happy this year compared to other years?
Both. Is that a cheat answer?

What did you spend the most money on?
Traveling and food, the most important things.

Something you wanted and got?
A free summer to travel and a big trip for my graduation and a job!

Something you wanted and didn’t get?
I was really ready to move and that wasn’t in our cards just yet. I am still planning and looking ahead to where we will be the next couple of years.

What did you do on your birthday?
Last year I ate grapefruit and waffles in bed with my new penny board, thanks to Jonas, (had to go back to Instagram to look because I seriously cannot remember.) This year we had pizza and beer with a couple of wonderful people at Yiayias, my all-time Lincoln favorite.

Who did you miss?
My grandmother who passed away a month before my birthday.

What are you the most proud of?
I finished college earlier than planned, graduated with Honors and landed a job after a couple months of rejections.

Highest wish right now?
For 24 to be the best year yet with as much personal and creative growth as humanly possible!

How will 24 be a different year?
Well, I started in a completely different position than last year, but I am hoping to get the chance to work on even more fun projects and freelance opportunities this year. I will find the time to develop my design skills and steer in a straighter direction toward where I want to be in life.

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