Finally the time is here again. Just in time, actually. Because just as the lining of my winter coat started disintegrating, spewing coins and keys everywhere, the warm weather arrived in Nebraska. And finally I have a reason to switch out my heavy winter boots and mix up my outfits for a while.

This semester I am working in the student advertising agency, Jacht Ad Lab, and spend a considerable chunk of my week in our basement office in the Lincoln Haymarket, working with a group of crazy talented students and learning from some well-connected professionals in the area.

So far it’s been a wreck of a semester, with me running all over the place, but also learning so many new things. And finally, FINALLY, this week I found the time to work exercise and yoga back into my schedule, and it feels so great.


Enough about that, because apparently I have been taking my dressing cues from some well-dressed men of the late 80s, and with that gathered my share of awkward glances and whispers from Nebraskans who are not used to seeing the Lennon-glasses and long coats in public. It’s cool, I don’t mind.

Also, how great is this blazer? 99-cent day at Goodwill is my best friend for this reason.




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