summer’s end

This summer has been nuts. It started with getting laid off, then I went home, traveled a little, came back, and spent time with all my immediate family members, since they all visited Nebraska at separate times. All of a sudden it is September. It is fall in my books, even though outside definitely feels like summer. I had my last weekend trip (not true) to Colorado a couple of weeks ago, and now the future is completely unknown. Like, literally, I have no idea what I will be doing a month from now. Hopefully not waiting tables, but most likely I still will be.

I have taken the step from calling myself “unemployed” to officially feeling like a “freelancer.” I have a finalized a couple projects, am still working on some, and have a few on the horizon as well. I ordered business cards, reverted my site back to a previous design, and have been slowly setting up a couple new side hustles as well. All I need now is a travel sponsor, and I will be good to go! (jokes, but not really)

So let’s hope this fall brings with it change, good fortune and lots of beautiful days for long bike rides, because that’s what I need. Add a couple of trips, short or long, and we good.

But honestly, I have so many feelings around my current situations, and still no sound solution, because sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, and I am still scrambling to find my plan B. Until then, you might find me outside, taking advantage of the last days of (false) summer..

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