day by day

Time is moving, so fast, and I keep letting it go by.

Last week was spent traveling (which means I have a lot of photo editing and blogging to catch up on), and since then I have been staying up late, sleeping in and enjoying the incredible miracle that a sunny Norwegian summer day is. Still unemployed as ever, and after paying all my credit cards off I am feeling broke as ever, but at least I feel semi-free.

Like I said, last week was spent strolling around some of my favorite places, both new and tried. Italy was great to me, and proved to me why it is so important to travel alone (more about this later) and Denmark, more specifically Copenhagen, always seems to show itself from its best side when I visit. I have my daily steps at a steady average of close to 25,000, and think back to that whenever I feel too guilty about lying around in my parents’ back yard with any book I can get my hands on.

Speaking of books, if anyone has any great recommendations, now that my time is still endless, I will take them all.

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