bare feet and breakfast in bed


Let’s start this week on a positive note. While it’s a Monday and Mondays do as Mondays will, it also feels like spring in Nebraska! Not only are the temperatures rising, I have also seen daffodils spring up in our front lawn, and it’s barely March!

And since my camera is still hibernating, which is something that needs to change ASAP, I will continue on with iPhone photos, since this weekend became a whirlwind of busy and wonderful.

Saturday morning my plans for sleeping in were nixed for business casual and I headed to Omaha with my neighbor/coworker/friend, Maddy, to speak about social media at a wine makers conference. Despite the unwanted wakeup call, the remaining hours of the day were warm, lunch was expensed and I spent my first session of the year outside and barefoot. That, paired with my book and a Barcelona from Cultiva Coffee, was exactly what I needed. (For those unfortunate souls living without access to Cultiva, a Barcelona consists of iced toddy and a homemade salted whipped topping.)

Saturday was also the day for the Nebraska Democratic Caucus, which I was able to attend for the first, and possibly the last time in my life. I won’t get too much into politics, but I will say that it has been great ┬áto meet so many like-minded people, AND that my preferred candidate won our state, which was a great and unexpected feeling.

Sunday I was awakened by kitchen sounds, and moments later Jonas brought me breakfast in bed. Best. Feeling. Ever. After breakfast and a slow morning together, I headed to the gym and he off to make a big purchasing decision, which has increased the stress- and coolness levels in our household considerably. Still, seeing the joy on his face as he got to go on the first ride on his first motorcycle was priceless, and hopefully worth the worry he will inflict on both me and his parents.


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