an unexpected turn of events

As I’m writing this I have been unemployed for almost two hours. Two hours of interesting emotions, but somehow less intense than I would have expected. Putting all my strength into not taking personally, because I know it wasn’t personal. After getting laid off I got some coffee, cleaned a couple things off my desk and made my way back home and have been sitting firmly on the floor, trying to determine my next move, as if it needs to be determined today.

I am emphasizing a lot of deep breaths, focusing on the positive, on the opportunities I might still have. But still, getting booted outside your own will is not something I would wish upon anyone. Do I go home, do I drive to Denver and beg for my dream job, do I stay and focus on getting more freelance clients?

Decisions have never been a strong suit of mine, and I’m sure that ability isn’t going to just automatically going to kick in, because I need it to. So if anyone has advice, opportunities or needs some design or photo work done in the near future, I’m open to all!

Maybe an impromptu roadtrip is in order, now that no responsibilities are holding me down..

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  • Oh man, what’s the dream job? I have a dream job in Denver too, but the company I want to work for is almost never hiring. Guh.

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